Ven. Vipassi Thero health passes away. Sabbe sankhara anicca'ti.

Rio de Janeiro, 26 de Outubro de 2006

Dear and Venerable Friends in Dhamma,

It is a great pain to inform that today, 26th October 2006, Ven. Puhuwelle Vipassi Nayaka Thera passed away, in Birmingham Vihara, England. It happened after 15 days of intensive care at Birmingham City Hospital, after health complications caused by the advanced stage of diabetes.

We all share the pain of loosing such a special and venerable teacher in Dhamma as Bhante Vipassi Thero. And we are sure that the merits attained by such a beautiful and true dedication for the Dhamma will continue to support him in his progress in the Path of Liberation.

With all our gratitude and loving-kindness we would like to express our support to all those who have had contact with such a special teacher. We are all together in this moment of reflection and remembrance of all his efforts and diligence in the work made by this Venerable Bhikkhu in the duty of spreading the Buddha Dhamma.

We are all sure to put all our efforts in giving continuity to the duty of growing the pure seeds planted ny him with us, and of continue sharing the precious fruits that so far benefited and still benefit us, by teaching us with his example. As a Bhikkhu, he was indeed a Noble member of the Sangha.

With Metta,

Watch here the a video prepared as a Homage to Bhante Vipassi Thero

Sociedade Budista do Brasil

Sabbe Sankhara Aniccati / Yada Paññaya Passati
Attha Nib Bindati Dukkhe / Esa Maggo Visuddhiya
Todas as coisas condicionadas são impermanentes. Se uma pessoa compreender isto pela sabedoria interior, desembaraça-se do sofrimento. Este é o Caminho da Purificação.

Sabbe Samkhara Dukkhati /Yada Paññaya Passati
Attha Nib Bindati Dukkhe/ Esa Maggo Visuddhiya

Todos os fenômenos condicionados são vazios e insatisfatórios, trazem sofrimento. Se uma pessoa compreender isto pela sabedoria interior, desembaraça-se do sofrimento.

Sabbe Dhamma Anatta’ Ti / Yada Paññaya Passati
Attha Nib Bindati Dukkhe / Esa Maggo Visuddhiya

Este é o Caminho da Purificação. Todas os agregados visíveis e invisíveis carecem de um eu permanente. Se uma pessoa compreender isto pela sabedoria interior, desembaraça-se do sofrimento. Este é o Caminho da Purificação.


Dear and Venerable friends in Dhamma,

We sadly received the news that Ven. Puhuwelle Vipassi Thero, 68 years old, who has been our spiritual guide in the last two decades at the Buddhist Temple at Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, has been hospitalized in serious condition due to diabetes (an illness which he has been living with for many years) in the Birmingham City Hospital, UK. The level of sugar in his blood was five time above the normal (52%), what resulted in the mal-functioning of his internal organs.

At this very moment, Ven. Vipassi is sedated, breathing through machines, at Birmingham City Hospital. It was diagnosed intestine infection and mal-functioning of his kidneys, his breath is ver weak and for this reason he is breathing with machinery support. Mrs. Janet, nurse, Buddhist, is treating him.

Below we transcribe the e-mail received from Ven. Bhante W. Kassapa, who is providing accompaniment on Ven. Vipassi's situation:

"As he attended our annual Kathina ceremony, he came to our Vihara last Friday (06/oct), [ coming from NY-USA, as he was there from set/09 to oct/05] and stayed two nights with us.

On Tuesday morning (oct/10) he was complaining that he was having stomach burning and we called a doctor and he sent him strait away to hospital by Ambulance.

Later doctors found that his blood sugar level was very high. Normally ever person must have below 10 percent but Ven.Vipassi was having over 52 percent. Therefore his high blood sugar level effected to his kidneys, lungs and heart. His heart was so weak.

Doctors said that his living chances were only 10 percent due to all these complications."

We would like to deeply thank all that with love and dedication have been assisting him, specially to Ven. Bhante W. Kassapa and the monks who are being at the hospital next to him and we are often contacting. From here we send all the best thoughts of love, metta, compassion, and gratitude wishing his well being, health, peace, equanimity in this moment of suffering. We are with you Ven. Vipassi, in heart and mind.

Diabetes Treatment

We have been monitoring Ven. Vipassi's health condition in the last years, in the periods he was in Brazil. In 2004, it was diagnosed by Mr. Jorge Aloice, doctor and president of SBB that the Ven. was presenting mal-functioning of his kidneys and lost the sight of his right eye, being the left eye already damaged, all for the diabetes complications. Ven. Vipassi was being treated at the local Medical Office, at Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, and was registered with the public health program "Remédio em Casa", promoted by the local government. Through this program he had access to doctor’s assistance, examinations and regularly received his medications. Mrs Denise Dias, the First Secretary of SBB, donated him a manual blood testing device for checking his blood sugar levels and oriented Ven. Vipassi on his special and daily diet.

The meals served at the temple were prepared according to his health condition, nevertheless, Ven. Vipassi used to feed himself in an independent way at his own residence, separated from the temple and used to travel annually, staying abroad for long periods, we do not know if the treatment and diet were kept in a rigorous manner.

One month ago, approximately, three months after his arrival from his 9 months stay abroad, Ven. Vipassi informed us to have programmed a visit to USA and UK. In this occasion, we had a meeting with him and talked about the possibility of him to change his residence to London-UK, as it would be a place where he would be within a monk community and would have more resources and infrastructures to support his health conditions. Our local vihara, at Santa Teresa, with its simple structure, too many stairways, raining and cold seasons, and lack of transportation facilities did not present sufficient comfort and safety conditions for someone with such health problems and advanced age as Venerable Vipassi.

Two decades of teachings

Brazil Buddhist Society and all its members are very thankful for Ven. Vipassi for all his dedication and love to Brazil. It was two decades of learning, retreats, pujas, teachings and moments of joy, such as the fundraising lunches, and the last Vesakha Puja, in which Ven. Vipassi participated actively.

We all love and respect him as he brought us the true Buddha Dhamma, the essence of the Dhamma tree with is beyond its division in branches, part of an unique Tree. Ven. Vipassi showed us that this everything's Essence is the true Purity. It does not matter the religion, the kind of person, if it is a child, a flower, or an animals; The Purity of Life.

Through our blog and website we will be keeping all informed on his conditions and we will send messages from friends who want to communicate with him and with the monks that are monitoring his situation. Please, send us an e-mail at and we will include your message with the messages from SBB's Director Board.

We would like to once again thank all those who are looking after our dearest Ven. Puhuwelle Vipassi Thero and all those who have sent us messages of support and care. We are all together in heart and mind.

We will be dedicating Metta for the Venerable in all the pujas.
We ask all do the same in your daily meditation practices.

Dukkhappattaca niddukkha
Bhayappattaca nibbhaya
Sokappattaca nissoka
Hontu sabbepi panino

Yours in Dhamma

Jorge Aloice e toda diretoria da Sociedade Budista do Brasil

Some photos from his wonderful work for Dhamma in Brazil.



All conditioned things are impermanent. If a person realize it from interior wisdom (insight) , will get unbound from suffering. This is the Path of Purification. All conditioned phenomena are empty and source of no satisfaction, indeed they bring suffering. If a person realize it from interior wisdom (insight), will get unbound from suffering. This is the Path to Purification. All visible and invisible aggregates lack of a permanent self. If a person realize it from interior wisdom (insight), get unbound from suffering. This is the Path to Purification.



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