Sabba-pāpassa akaranam kusalassa upasampadā
Not to do any evil, to perform what is good,

Sacitta-pariyodāpanam etam buddhāna sāsanam.
To keep one's own heart pure, these are the teachings of Lord Buddha"
Dhp 183:

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The Brazil Buddhist Society (Sociedade Budista do Brasil) was officially founded in 1967, by members of Theosophist Society of Brazil. In its previous statements it was included the main mission to bring into knowledge all the Buddhist Schools and the culture of Buddhist countries.

Despite it was initially presented with a generalist proposal, in its time evolution our Society constituted itself as a place for refugee in Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, accordingly to the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) and to the teachings and practices of Theravada School.

The present mission of our Society is to be a reference as a Study Center of Theravada Budhism in regional and national levels, thus contributing in the spreading of Buddha Dhamma, Lord Buddha's Teachings.

Theravada Buddhism

The Theravada Buddhism, or School of the Elders, is the Buddhist School in which are found the closest versions of the Buddha's Original Teachings, as it is based in the Pali Canon, preserved in the idiom spoken in the Buddha's time, in the century VI B.C.

We follow the Dhamma of Buddha, which can be sintetically understood as the Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca): the truth of the suffering (dukkha), the truth of the origin of the suffering (tañña), the truth of the cessation of the suffering (nibbana), and the truth of the Path (magga) to the cessation of the suffering. By this way, the Buddhist Teachings show a commitment with the overcoming of suffering and realization of the Happiness.

The Theravada Buddhist School understands that the theoretical knowledge of Dhamma, which is obtained through study and learning (pariyatti), and its practical knowledge (patipatti), acuired through the mental culture (bhavana) which is conductive to the Right Concentration (samadhi or jhana), and through the taking of a life of virtue (sila), must complement and reinforce each other in the path into direct realization of the Truth (pativedha) and Insight, thus resulting in wisdom (pañña).

Our Objectives

a) To be a reference as a Study and Practice Center according to the Theravada Tradition at regional, national and international levels;

b) To promote the theroretical and practice understanding of Lord Buddha's Teachings through the transmission and study of traditional teachings and meditaiton techniques from the Theravada School;

c) To realize observance and devotion practices open to all public, to ellaborate and realize courses and retreats foccused in the training of Buddhist meditation, with the orientation of venerable bhikkhus (monks) or respectful and capable teachers;

d) To form a students and devotees groups spiritually oriented by official members of the Theravada School's Bhikkhu-Sangha;

e) To contact and estabilish partnerships in projects with organizations and institutions from the Theravada School and other legitimate Buddhist Schools at regional, national and international levels, with the objective of preserving, studying and pratcising Lord Buddha's Teachings;

f) To spread the Buddhist Teachings (Dhamma) through all the accessible comunications media;

g) To publish texts and books from both classic sources and contemporary authors, in order to spread the Teachings from Theravada Buddhist School;

h) To develop an independent and autonomous management which respects the Brazilian culture aspects and follows the Buddhist Ethical principles;

i) To realize activities related to education, culture, recreation and social development.

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