The Rio Buddhavihara Project - Sowing Dhamma seeds in Brazil

"And the Blessed One said to the Bhikkhus: 'I am delivered, O Bhikkhus, from all fetters, human and divine. You, O Bhikkhus, are also delivered from all fetters, human and divine.
Go ye now, O Bhikkhus, and wander, for the gain of the many, for the welfare of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, for the gain, and for the welfare of gods and men."
Mahavagga 1.11


At present time, Brazil Buddhist Society is the only institution officially established with the objective of bringing Theravada Buddhism to the knowledge of the Brazilian and South American public. For the last 40 years it has been playing a crucial role, serving as a place of study and practice of Theravada Buddhism. Our society has hosted venerable members of the Sinhalese Bhikkhu Sangha, and for the period of 20 years, from 1986 to September 2006, we had Ven. Bhante Puhulwelle Vipassi Nayaka Thero as the resident spiritual guide.


Throughout its history Brazil Buddhist Society has kept its gates, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, open for an ever-renewing audience, who attend Pujas and Ceremonies, Dhamma Courses and Retreats, and Study Groups. Booklets and books on Dhamma are available at our library, and for purchase too, by those who wish to contribute towards the maintenance costs of the institution.

Why Rio Buddhavihara Project?

Even though Buddhism has been flourishing in the Western world in all its cultural forms, Theravada Buddhism is not yet established anywhere throughout the entire continent of South America. The Pali Canon and Vinaya preserved by this School and by its Bhikkhu Sangha are a valuable and universally recognized treasure for all Buddhist Schools and traditions. Therefore, “Rio Buddhavihara” is presented as the, at present, sole long term project assuring the presence of the Theravada School of Buddhism and its Teachings in Brazil and South America as a whole.

General Objective

The Rio Buddhavihara Project consists of a major initiative to secure a firm and lasting spiritual home for the Theravada Buddhist Sangha, its Teachings and Practice on Brazilian and South American soil. We understand that supporting a community of resident monks will be crucial for ensuring the transmission of the Lord Buddha’s Teachings as taught by this tradition. And this will be the foundation of a landmark of Theravada Buddhist culture and teaching in Brazil, and throughout South America.

Specific Objectives

  1. To establish a permanent home for venerable members of the Theravada Bhikkhu-Sangha
  2. To build and maintain a landmark of Buddhist culture and teachings for the purpose of the preservation and strengthening of the Brazilian and South American Theravada Buddhist Community.
  3. To carry out badly needed renovations to a number of buildings situated on the site of the present centre.
  4. To build and establish a forest meditation centre, for the Bhikkhu Sangha, which will be built on the mountainous forested regions of Southern Brazil.

How to support Rio Buddhavihara

In order to cover the growing costs and assure the continuity of the activities of the Brazil Buddhist Society, and also to ensure financial health and stability in all the phases of the Rio Buddhavihara Project, substantial donations from international and local Buddhist Communities are very much needed. These will build up an Endowment Base that will make possible for us to maintain our commitment in providing high-quality Dhamma programs and services for a growing audience, fulfilling the noble objectives of this initiative. We also see organizational support and partnerships as a very important aspect of this initiative, as it represents a very important asset in the realization of our objectives.

Contact us

If you are interested in financially or organizationally supporting, taking part or assisting in the development of Rio Buddhavihara Project, you are invited to do so and welcome to contact us. We rely entirely on the generosity of benefactors from International Buddhist Community to assure the saving and preserving for posterity the presence of the Theravada Buddhist School in Brazil and throughout South America as a whole.

You may download here the Letter of Intent of the Rio Buddhavihara Project!

Contact us in order to know how you can support this initiative!




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