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Who we are

We are a non-profit religious organization, and our objectives are: to divulge, study and practice the Teachings, or Dhamma, of Buddha Siddhatta Gotama, according to the Theravada tradition..

It is our intenion to bring these precious Teachings to million of beings, making us a main reference of a Study Center for Theravada Buddhism, at local, regional and international level.

But the task of making our instalations an active and welcoming place means costs and material requirements. We have so far no financial or institutional support from any governmental or non-governmental organizations. All the maintenance and operating costs faced in our activities are possible with the generous support of our members, which support us by montlhy membership fee payments, donations of materials and funds, sales of Dhamma books and materials, and visitor's contributions.

All those interested in supporting us may help us by becoming a member and generously paying a monthly fee, offering special donations or making contributions when visiting our temple.

Members – All those who are registered in our organization and actively contribute with our mission of divulging the Dhamma of Buddha, either through the commitment to contribute with a montlhy fee or realizing periodical donations. Thus, assuring our operating and maintenance costs are made possible to continue. Our members are invited to participate in all decision and execution procedures takes in our organization, as also to contribute with voluntary work in the events such as retreats and special ceremonies.

Well-Deserving Members - All those who have made great important material or imaterial contributions for our organization.

Visitors – Even those who are not registered as members are welcome to contribute when visiting our instalations. This contribution may occur in diferents ways such as voluntary work, financial resources and offerings left on our altar, as a respect to the Triple Gem, Buddha Dhamma and Sangha. Any help is indeed welcome!

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